Attention to detail: A lamp of porcupine quills and basketry in the Africa room
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The lightswitch in the Africa room The rooms that Trevelen has on offer

Each room is designed with artistry and skill, and exhibits a style and attention to detail that is quite extraordinary. The décor of every room is different, and follows an unique theme.

There are 3 double rooms (rooms with 1 double bed each) of which one has an en-suite bathroom, and one twin room (contains two single beds), and that's all. Due to Trevelen's insistence on quality and attention to detail that is the maximum number of people who will be accommodated. Dealing with more people would lessen the personal attention and quality treatment each guest receives

The "public" area of the place includes a large and comfortable lounge for you to sit and relax, or watch TV, and another smaller lounge where there is always coffee and tea available.

The bed and bedside tables of the Africa room THE AFRICA ROOM

Relaxed and funky, this room incorporates earthy tones, tribal motifs and striking patterns.

Afternoon light streams in through the large window which overlooks the front garden, brightening the room's clean cool white background, and suffusing the natural earthy colours with a vibrant glow.

Another face of the Africa room The semi-detached bathroom continues the African feel, but focuses more completely on earthy browns, everything being made of wood and grass, resulting in one of the very few ablutions that are so beautiful that you'll look forward to using the loo all day!

More little stylishisms

The Primary Primp-and-Powder accessory of the Ruby Room THE RUBY ROOM

The plush bed, and opulent feel of this room, combine with the shady light from the window overlooking a secluded little corner of the garden to result in a room probably best suited to royalty travelling incognito!

The peacock feather and colonial furnishings are distinctly reminiscent of some Maharaja's secret hideaway.

A bed that would suit an Indian palace...

One of the two single beds this room has THE FERN ROOM

A bit of the simple yet classy décor of the room. Cool greens and happy oranges give this room its stylish yet homely feel. Two single beds comprise the primary furnishings.

The window gazes over some antique farm implements used as garden decorations and now themselves housing little potted gardens.

There is a door which can be opened into the main bedroom (the intingo room) so the two can, if required, serve as a family unit.


A bit of the simple yet classy decor of the room. THE INTINGO ROOM

Stylish simplicity - one wall of the garden room Rustic wooden furniture, made from the wattle-poles locally known as "intingo" blends interestingly with the more modern artistic decorations.

As usual, perfect attention to detail has resulted in a harmonious composite of stone-mosaic table, leaf-and-bark collage, warm earthy walls, autumn linnen, and the constant theme of natural wood.

An en-suite bathroom finishes off this room as one of comfort, ease and style.

The double bed in the garden room