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An example of Mat Louwrens's work. Mat Louwrens' Art Studio
A local artist, renowned in South Africa and internationally, has his studio not far from Trevelen. When he's not away at an exhibition you can see a large selection of his work, and often watch him creating his artworks. Visit his website - - for a taste of his work.




The more exciting type of rafting down the Umkomaas Umko River Rafting
In season the Umkomaas river provides spectacular whitewater rafting trips. Umko provides all equipment and good guides (SARA registered).

Canoe safaris on the quiter stretches of water make an ideal adventure for children and birdwatchers.

Ride in this vintage steamtrain along the historic railwayline Paton wrote about! Alan Paton historical Railwayline
Allan Paton wrote : "The small toy train climbs up on its narrow gauge from the Umzimkulu valley into the hills. It climbs up to Carisbrooke, and when it stops there, you may get out for a moment and look down on the great valley from which you have come.  It is not likely the train will leave you, for there are few people here, and everyone will know who you are.  And even if it did leave you, it would not much matter;  for unless you are very old ... you could run after it and catch it for yourself."

Take a ride in a genuine vintage steam-train along this very railwayline!

The Blackrumped Buttonquail - the bird which lent it's name to Button Birding Button Birding
Malcolm and Gail Gemmell are your hosts. Malcolm is an accredited tourist guide who has 22 years of birding experience in the area and has developed an intimate knowledge of the local bird population, as well as roosts, feeding areas and activities. (And sometimes nest sites.) He has located a Blue Swallow breeding site in the district, and the mysterious Blackrumped Button Quail are resident on the farm.